Sex: Pleasure With Added Benefits

Sex is not only mainly focusing on pleasure but it also brings a number of benefits with it.At first glance and hearing the word sex, the first thing that would probably come into mind is the pleasure the act brings.

Sexual attraction between the male and female sex is inevitable. Having sex brings about pleasure to both, and aside from that, it also has some benefits that will help improve the well-being of individuals.

Benefits of Sex
Having sex is said to be able to relieve stress and reduce blood pressure. The act itself improves the cardiovascular health of a person; the risk of having a fatal heart attack is also reduced. It is also considered to be the best form of exercise there is and one would have a more toned body as a result, due to the calories you will burn in the process.

Aside from the aforementioned, other risks include the following. Pelvic floor muscles are strengthened and the risk of incontinence is minimized. If you have a hard time sleeping, the act of having sex helps you to sleep better, as the oxytocin hormones that are released during orgasm promotes sleep. Immunity is boosted, given that a good sexual health means that an individual has a better physical health, and at the same time, self-esteem is also boosted. Hormones that help in keeping the body vital and of course looking young are released, giving the individual a youthful glow. Also, for men, the risk of getting prostate cancer is reduced and the couple has an increased improvement in the intimacy of their relationship.

Choose Safe Sex
Given both pleasure and health benefits of having sex, one should also take into account his or her safety before doing the act. Choosing safe sex is a practice of precaution to avoid getting or even spreading sexually transmitted diseases and infections. With this practice, one also will be able to control his or her safety and sexual health. If you don’t have any idea what you’re doing then you should let some moms teach you.

How to go about practicing safe sex? There are a number of simple steps that can be followed, such as, knowing the different options for you such as birth control. Another includes knowing your status, whether or not you are free from infections; have yourself checked. Use of protection is a must, this will also help prevent unplanned pregnancies.

The number of partners would also matter, as the more sexual partners you have, the more prone you are to sexually transmitted infections. Being monogamous on the other hand, would reduce the risk of getting infected; as long as both parties have no sexual encounters outside their relationship. If any sexual encounters outside the relationship occur, the individuals involved are still exposed to the risk of contracting infections and diseases that are sexually transmitted. You can get some more sex tips from sex.

In everything one does, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Choose safety most of all to avoid any future problems. Be protected and safe from choosing the products to use, and doing the act.