Strengthening Relationships With Sex

Sexual attraction can happen to anyone at any given time. It is human nature for males and females to be attracted to one another, as it is also inevitable and has the sexual desire as a basis.

How do individuals determine who or what they are attracted to? Some may identify which is which, but some solely depends on the situation and the factors surrounding him or her. The question thrown is complex itself as there are several possible factors that may affect individuals’ choices.

There might be patterns in the whole process, but these also continue to change depending on the situation on hand.

Sex & Relationships

Sex is something that should be enjoyable, fun and pleasurable for both you and your partner. It can be an experience filled with passion if shared with a meaningful other half. In a general note, sex may be associated with pleasure and fun only most of the time, but in reality, it has a contribution to the relationship you are in at the moment.

Why is sex important for partners in a relationship? First of all, the act is an experience of great intimacy. With this, you and your partner are able to bond both emotionally and physically. Having sex will be helpful in being able to keep the fire between you and your other half at some point.

Secondly, given all the stressors all around you, your relationship will always be affected. Given the toll stress may take in your relationship, having sex is said to reduce stress levels as a feel-good chemical is released in the brain. With this, partners are also able to strengthen their relationship.

Thirdly, romance in the relationship is kept burning. Aside from the physical activity it entails, there is also an emotional factor to girls having sex in public. Oxytocin, or cuddle hormone as they call it, is released during the sexual act, thus leading you to feel love and trust toward your partner.
Fourth, hormones are kept in a balance. With a hormonal balance, calmness is promoted and all other emotional problems are reduced. It is also said that fertility is increased at this point.

Lastly, the act of sex is healthy and good for your overall well-being. It does not only make you healthy and glowing but your partner as well. With this, your relationship is kept vibrant like a naughty America porn flick. Sex can make you feel good and strengthen your relationship bond at the same time.

Safety Over Pleasure
Pleasure is a given in having sex, but safety is most important. One may contract diseases and infections through sexual interactions, most especially with having multiple sexual partners. Having a safe sexual activity is of utmost importance, to avoid and prevent any contracting of infections.

Bringing up a talk about having or engaging in safe sex while watching teem skeet porn may at first be uncomfortable but it will also be the wisest of all things to do as it will avoid occurrences of long term regrets in the near future.

Enjoy and be safe always.